Light Towers & Generators in Fort McMurray

Keep your job site safe and productive with light towers and generators in Fort McMurray from Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd. Our wide variety of lighting and power equipment is beneficial during a range of situations, including construction jobs at night, planned shutdowns and emergency response. We will illuminate your site with light towers ranging from 6KW to 30KW and power your equipment with generators ranging from 3KW to 575KW. At Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd., we understand the lighting and power needs of our region’s oil, gas and construction industries. You can count on reliable equipment from a flexible and knowledgeable operation.

Available Generators

Find the power you need with reliable generators from Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd. Choose from the following:

  • Direct Drive Generators
  • 3.2KW Gas Inverter Generators
  • Tahoe TP5000 LXH 6KW Generator
  • Tahoe T1-7000 LXH Tahoe 7KW Diesel Quiet Generator
  • Magnum 15KW Diesel Generator
  • G25 Generator Hertz and MGT1E Trailer
  • G55FC Magnum Generator
  • 15KW 1 Phase Kubota Tier 4 Final
  • 20KW WhisperWatt Genset
  • 25KW Generators
  • 45KW Diesel Generators
  • 70KW Generators
  • 90KW Generators
  • Multipurpose Trailer w/28 Gallon Tank
  • Honda GX690 Twin Pitch, JWN24HTCSL
  • Porta Power X-treme Box
  • CEP Porta Power
  • 2800 w/Kodiak Generator
  • 4000 w/Kodiak Generator
  • Porta Power Enerpac® w/7 Attachments
  • Pintle 3”, Trailer 300, 325, 400

Available Lighting

We have the right light towers for your application. Choose from the following:

  • Wacker Neuson 6KW Light Tower
  • Magnum 8KW MLT5201 Light Tower
  • Magnum 8KW MLT5202 Light Tower
  • Magnum 8KW MLT5080K Light Tower
  • Allmand™ 8KW Light Tower
  • 20KW Light Towers
  • ML20V CAT C2.2, 3P Arctic Light Tower
  • Magnum 20KW MLT5200 Light Tower
  • Portable 1000 with Tower Light
  • Wobble Lights

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