Direct Fired (Open Flame) Construction Heaters in Fort McMurray

Don’t let cold weather affect your productivity. At Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd, we supply open flame, enclosed flame and radiant direct fired portable construction heaters for your comfort. Direct fired heaters supply gas directly to the burner, converting 100 percent of the fuel consumed, making them a cost-efficient option for those long winter days spent on the job site.

Discover the Advantages of Direct Fired Heating

Powerful and easy to use, we carry several models depending on your specific needs and BTU requirements. Some advantages of direct fired heating include:

  • Low equipment costs
  • High temperature rise
  • Low labour involvement
  • Simple and familiar

Brands and Applications

Sureflame 400kbtu Open Flame Heater

  • Hoarding heat
  • Under slab concrete curing
  • Spot heating

Sureflame 1.5mmbtu Open Flame Heater

  • Under slab concrete curing
  • Spot heating

L.B. White Premier 80 & LB White Premier 170

  • Enclosed flame = safer operation
  • Small and portable
  • Safer than open flame
  • Wet heat
  • Used for drywalling and finishing (not always the best solution, ask us for more information)
  • Very popular

Cons of Direct Heat

As with any product that relies on combustion, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Although convenient, direct fired heaters may not always be your best choice.

  • Direct fired heaters are not recommended in tightly sealed areas
  • Units may not be permitted within your building
  • Produces carbon monoxide 
  • Creates a wet heat

Not sure which unit is right for you? Contact our team in Fort McMurray with all your questions.

Toaster™ Ground Thawing
If your job involves trenching, we offer Toaster™ brand thermal products to extend your work season. Whether exposing utilities or excavating for new construction, infrared ground-thawing technology will save you time and effort in the field. Some other benefits include:

  • Ease of use: small size can be used at any location (no open flame)
  • Portable, quick installations 
  • Reliable in the coldest conditions 
  • Faster than open flame units
  • Useful for jobs when speed is critical
  • Safe when thawing above live services

► Are you curious to learn more about the range of vented construction heaters we offer? Get in touch with our team.

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