Maintenance of Construction Heaters

Canadians experience very cold weather during the winter months, but construction projects often continue despite the conditions. Some contractors use temporary propane construction heaters to make sure that workers can be more productive and to promote comfortable working conditions; others use propane heaters to raise room temperature to make conditions more ideal for specific jobs like drywall installation or painting. No matter what the reason, construction heaters must be used and maintained properly on any job site.

For heaters that use propane cylinders:

  • Check cylinders for dents or bulges or rusting.
  • Before moving cylinders, make sure they are in an upright and secured position.
  • Cylinders over 100 pound propane capacity should not be used indoors.
  • If using multiple propane cylinders on a single manifold, consult with local gas codes and follow local jurisdiction guidelines.
  • Perform regular leak tests.

For heaters that use propane tanks:

  • Check local building codes to make sure the tanks are placed far enough away from property lines.
  • Consider changes in weather and ground stability when choosing a location for the tank.
  • Make sure all connections between the heater and tank are leak free – hire a qualified propane technician.
  • Have a qualified propane technician ensure that all connections between the tank and heater are free of leaks.
  • Protect work-site tanks from vehicle impact.
  • Ensure no flammable material is stored near any tank.

Other propane or salamander heaters:

  • Choose a heater that matches the space you are trying to heat.
  • Keep heaters away from flammable products.
  • Make sure you operate the heaters in a ventilated area.
  • Use heaters that have a safety shut-off valve.
  • Ensure you shut off the gas valve before turning off the heater itself.
  • If a heater needs repairs, only hire qualified technicians for the job.

There are many options out there when it comes to construction heaters in Fort McMurray – propane is a popular fuel for heating your job site.

There are many options for heating your job site; some choices will increase profitability and improve work schedules. Others will have the opposite effect and cost you more money, plus time.

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