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Equipment Rentals.

With everything from aerial lifts to welding equipment, Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd maintains a comprehensive catalogue of rental equipment

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Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd: Serving Alberta’s Tool Rental Needs

Welcome to Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd

Since 2011, Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd has been a locally owned and operated company. Based in Calgary, we strive to serve Alberta and the Prairies with all-in-one tool rental solutions to help your operation get the job done on time and within budget.

We offer a range of equipment rentals and services, always emphasizing our commitment to serve our customers. From

gas fitting to lighting, we can help you out. We believe it’s not just about getting the job done, but getting it done right.

If you are searching for quality rental equipment or services for remote refuelling or equipment monitoring, feel free to call Ignite Rental Solutions Ltd in Calgary or Fort McMurray. Not only do we have the tools you need for the job, but we also bring our knowledge and experience to find the best solutions.

Do you have any questions? Call or email our staff today!

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Need credit for an equipment rental? Apply for a line of credit today! Please ask our staff for terms and conditions related to this offer. 

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LED Lighting Retrofits

Save a lot of money on longer lasting lighting by switching out your HID lights for LEDs.



Let us handle your HVAC controls, building management, LEDs and other electrical needs.

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24-hour Service Solutions

Our highly trained technicians offer around-the-clock mobile refueling for diesel and propane fueled heaters.

Service Area

Fort McMurray
And Surrounding Area

COR Certification

No matter if you’re a visitor or employee, we always want to ensure a safe work environment. That is why we have earned a Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR™). This certificate symbolizes our commitment to the safety of everyone at our job sites. Every day, we make certain that all procedures, equipment and the job site are maintained in a safe, professional manner.

Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition
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